Whether you own a residential or commercial property we are here to serve you! With our dedicated and experienced workers we can make all of your landscaping wishes come true.

We pride ourselves on creating a lawn worth bragging over, and building relationships with each of our clients. Talk with us via phone call, email, or a friendly stop into our Garden Center. 

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Looking to  turn your lawn into a green dream? Let Farrell's know what you're looking for and prepare to turn your vision into reality!

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 Our professional designer will visit your landscape to evaluate the existing site conditions, make recommendations and discuss your desired preferences and needs. An estimate will be formulated upon the client's request for Farrell's Lawn and Garden  to perform any installation services. The cost of a consultation is free, however for a visual of your landscaping our designer charges a minimum of $75 for a detailed digital design. For a full scale design to be drafted, our designer will evaluate (on-site) the additional cost for this service based upon the size and complexity of the project.  


 The Services we offer (but are not limited to) the following:
•Lawn trimming and maintenance

•Building of retaining walls
• Weeding of all plant beds
• Mulching as needed
• Snow removal  

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