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How Much It Costs To Get Your Yard Landscaped Beautifully

Your Neighbors In Defiance County And Fulton County, Ohio As Well As Steuben County, Indiana Are Investing This Much To Enhance Their Curb Appeal

Front yard landscaping

Knowing how much it can cost to increase your curb appeal is great! You can plan and budget better, which can help lower the stress of a home improvement project.

In this post, you can find out how much it costs to get landscaping done. You can also discover some of the main factors that increase landscaping costs.

Our Front Yard Is Too Plain

“I think we need to spruce up our curb appeal,” points out Josh.

“How so?” asks Melissa. “It’s just so plain compared to our neighbor’s,” he complains. Melissa nods. “I think so too. We should definitely look at landscaping costs.”

Josh smiles. “Let’s go ahead and start! We should be able to find something on Google,” he says as he picks up his phone. He starts typing his question into Google search.

Here’s what he and Melissa find out:

How Much It Costs To Have Someone Landscape Your Yard

Landscaping with small stone wall and plantings

The cost to landscape your yard professionally can range from $5,000 to $40,000 and higher. It mainly depends on the total square footage of your landscape, the planting materials of your choice, as well as the overall design, and any extra upgrades.

Basic Landscaping Cost- About $5,000. It includes a simple, low-maintenance plant design, natural edging, some tear-out, and ground cover mulch.

Average Landscaping Cost- About $15,000. It includes a more complex plant design, accent trees, brick edging, full tear-out or new home preparation, ground cover stone, and a small decorative retaining wall.

High-End Landscaping Cost- About $40,000. It includes a complete magazine-like landscape with full planting beds, a large brick border, high-end ground cover stone, decorative or natural retaining walls, drip irrigation, and an exterior lighting package.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the factors below.

The 4 Main Reasons Landscaping Costs Can Change

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  1. Total square footage. The more there is to landscape the more time, labor, and materials it’ll need. This increases the price.
  2. Plant choices. Some plants cost more than others. It could be due to a wide variety of reasons, such as rarity.
  3. Overall design. More complex designs cost more because they take more time, labor, and materials. Less complex designs are easier and thus less costly.
  4. Extra upgrades. Retaining walls, perennial plants, evergreen trees, irrigation systems, and other upgrades are available. They may increase the cost but they’ll also increase your enjoyment!

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